Leptigen: My Honest and Complete Review

Obesity has become a cause for worry for many people, especially in America where it’s estimated that a third of the population is either overweight or obese. Many people are desperate to lose weight since the problem also comes with a range of health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, including others.

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There are many weight loss programs available on the market, and Leptigen is one of them.

What Is Leptigen

Leptigen is a weight loss formula that claims to provide a safe, effective, and long-lasting weight loss solution. The formula combines a number of scientifically-backed ingredients to help you shed the excess fat real quick.

The main ingredient in the formula, Meratrim, is a registered trademark formula produced from a variety of ingredients. The ingredient is particularly very effective in boosting metabolism. According to the supplement’s manufacturer’ combining Meratrim with other ingredients such as caffeine helps kickstart your leptin levels, increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.

Also referred to as the “satiety hormone”, Leptin is a hormone made by the adipose cells that helps regulate energy balance in the body by inhibiting hunger. Being resistant to Leptin has been associated with fat gain. By increasing your leptin levels, Leptigen helps you shed body fat much more easily.

It’s quite clear that the hormone leptin factored into the naming of the supplement- Leptigen.

Leptigen Primary Ingredients

Leptigen supplement is available in the form of capsules. Each capsule contains the following ingredients.

• Meratrim

Meratrim is the main ingredient in the Leptigen formula. It’s actually a combination of two ingredients: Garcinia mangostana, which is another name for Garcinia Cambogia, and sphaeranthus indicus.

Sphaeranthus Indicus is a flower extract that has for centuries been used as a natural stress reliever. The second ingredient is simply an extract from the mangosteen fruit.

The manufacturer claims that when combined with other ingredients such as caffeine, Meratim boosts your leptin levels, thus increasing your body’s fat-burning ability.

Two medical studies actually found Meratrim to be an effective weight loss ingredient.

In the 2003 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, it was found that in combination with a standard diet (approximately 2000 kcal/day) and moderate regular exercise, Meratrim was found to promote a significant reduction in body weight, waist, and hip circumference, as compared to diet management and exercise alone.

According to the study, participants who took Meratrim lost an average of 11 pounds while the placebo group lost about 2 pounds. This report clearly shows that the supplement is certainly an effective solution for weight loss.

Leptigen contains 400mg of Meratrim.

• ChromeMate

ChromeMate is the second ingredient in the Leptigen supplement. It’s a niacin-bound chromium which is also known as Chromium polynicotinate or chromium nicotinate.

ChromeMate has been shown to help increase the effectiveness of chromium, an important trace mineral that supports blood sugar levels in the body, sugar levels that are already within the normal range.

Actually, there are various clinical studies showing that chromium may help improve weight loss results. Chromium has also been used in weight loss supplements for many years.

A 1997 study found that chromium polynicotinate helped women lose weight.

Leptigen contains 100 mcg of ChromeMate, which is actually more than the amount used in the studies. A large amount may even show better results fast.

• Caffeine

You must have noticed that many weight loss supplements contain Caffeine. Why is that?

Caffeine boosts energy levels, which is why you feel energized when you drink a cup of coffee. It also works to boost your metabolism. A fast metabolism plays a crucial role in helping the body lose fat fast.

Per capsule, Leptigen contains 75mg of caffeine.

• Green Tea Leaf Extract

Green Tea is also a common ingredient found in many herbal weight loss supplements. This is because it contains high levels of Epigallocatechin gallate, a chemical that works by improving your body’s power expenditure by boosting the metabolic process.

Leptigen contains 200mg of Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Does it Really Work?

Based on the above-mentioned studies about Meratrim and other ingredients, it’s quite evident that Leptigen really works. All that is required of you is to use the supplement in combination with moderate daily exercise and a healthy balanced diet and you are good to go.

Pros and Cons

Just like other weight loss supplements, Leptigen has its advantages and disadvantages. They include;


• Includes a combination of well-known ingredients that have for years been used as weight loss remedies. To help you lose weight, these supplements boost your metabolism, increase your energy levels, and balance your blood sugar levels.

• Scientifically Backed studies: As stated earlier, there are two peer reviewed clinical studies that prove the supplement’s effectiveness in promoting weight loss

• Does not only provide a stand-alone solution: Many supplements out there claim to offer a stand-alone weight loss solution without including other essential factors such as dieting and exercise. The manufacturer recommends incorporating exercise and healthy diet for fast weight loss.

• Safe- The supplement does not bring about any severe side-effects. It’s safe for use.

• There are numerous customer testimonials


• The supplement is a bit expensive compared to other weight loss methods. It will cost you $109.95 for a 30-day supply consisting of 60 capsules.

• The supplement is only available online, meaning that you cannot purchase it at your local store


Here is Leptigen’s price breakdown;

• 1 Bottle, 30 Day Supply with 60 capsules costs $109.95

• 2 Bottles, 30 Day Supply with 120 capsules costs $199.90

• 3 Bottles, 90 Day Supply with 120 capsules costs $269.85

All the prices include shipping. You can either pay using Paypal, Mastercard, or Discover.

All purchases come with a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee. If the supplement does not live up to its expectations, you can simply ask for a refund. There is absolutely nothing to lose.

Leptigen Review Conclusion

You are probably wondering whether you should give it a try or not. Well, if you have tried other supplements and have not seen any significant improvements, you definitely should. Maybe, this supplement could be your weight loss solution.

About the safety of the supplement, you have got nothing to worry about because the ingredients are safe. You will not experience any severe side-effects.

As long as you take the capsules as per the instructions, engage in moderate physical exercise, and eat a healthy diet, you will surely notice significant weight loss changes.

Leptigen Benefits

Leptigen is a popular weight loss supplement that combines 4 unique ingredients that promote fat burning and boost body’s metabolism. These ingredients help prevent weight gain while eliminating your existing fat storage stores. They also help suppress appetite and prevent unhealthy foods (high-fat and sugary foods) cravings. Alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet, Leptigen works effectively to help you lose excess weight.


Leptigen Benefits

Leptigen is a premium weight loss formula that can keep your blood glucose levels in check and also result in a dramatic improvement of your metabolism, which results to fat burning.

It’s a clinically-proven supplement that has been found to influence weight loss when used in combination with a workout regime and a healthy diet.

Below are some of the major benefits of Leptigen.

• Safe and Effective Ingredients

Leptigen has been clinically tested and found to be a safe and effective weight loss supplement for men and women looking to shed excess fat and improve their fitness level.

The formula contains a blend of ingredients that boost your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar levels, and boost your energy levels to promote fat burning.

Meratrim, the main ingredient in the formula, is a blend of two plant extracts; Sphaeanthus indicus and Garcinia mangostana. Sphaethus indicus has for decades been used to treat many ailments and is a natural stress reliever. The plant also helps promote weight loss. Garcinia mangostana is also an effective weight loss supplement.

ChromeMate plays a crucial role in various bodily functions such as digestion and insulin response. It’s sometimes used to control blood glucose levels which suggest its effectiveness in reducing cravings and suppressing appetite.

The caffeine in Leptigen is an effective weight loss ingredient in that it boosts metabolism, supports fat burning, and reduces fatigue and tiredness.

Green tea extract found in Leptigen contains tons of antioxidants and useful chemicals that help reduce fat production, prevent fat storage in the body, which as a result promotes weight loss.

These ingredients work together effectively to promote your weight loss.

• Leptigen Ingredients are Backed by Scientific Studies

Various scientific studies conducted on these ingredients have found them to be safe and effective in promoting weight loss. A study investigating the effectiveness of Meratrim as a weight loss remedy found that it inhibits fatty acids synthesis, which as a result helps in reducing fat in the body.

A study on ChromeMate found that women who took niacin-bound chromium showed significant weight loss compared to those who took a placebo.

Studies on caffeine have found that it boosts fat metabolism, which increases the body’s fat-burning ability. It also provides the much-needed energy boost which aids in fat burning.

The catechins in the Green Tea extract in Leptigen promote great fat loss especially in the abdominal area and subcutaneous fat.

All these studies are proof that Leptigen actually works.

• Stabilizes Blood Glucose Levels

Leptigen works effectively to stabilize blood glucose levels which prevent food cravings. Also, by controlling blood glucose, Leptigen helps prevent the development of conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

• Eliminates Abdominal Fat Effectively

Leptigen not only prevents fat storage in the body, but it also promotes fat burning especially in stubborn areas such as the tummy. It does this by boosting your metabolism and increasing your energy levels, which results in rapid weight loss.

• Reduces Food Cravings

When your blood sugar levels spike and crash, your appetite automatically increases, causing you to overeat sugary and fatty foods. By keeping your blood glucose in check, the formula can suppress your appetite and reduces sugar cravings.

• FDA Approved

Leptigen is made in the USA and is FDA approved, which means that it’s safe and meets strict manufacturing standards.

• Free-Trial

The manufacturer provides a free trial where you use the product and if you are satisfied with the outcome, you can order the full package.

• Zero Side-Effects

Leptigen contains natural ingredients which help promote fast weight loss. The fact that the ingredients are all natural makes it safe for use and therefore does not bring about any serious side-effects.

Bottom line, Leptigen is arguably one of the best weight loss formulas in the market today, mostly because it focuses on boosting metabolism and fat burning.

If no other weight loss formula has worked for you, then you should definitely try this clinically-tested and proven formula.

what are Leptigen’s Ingredients

Many people desire so much to lose weight and are often duped into buying expensive fake weight loss programs, only for them to be disappointed. They end up losing hope, which is really saddening. If you are one of them, you will be happy to know that there is a solution. A solution that will help you lose real weight. No weight loss magic pills involved- just a safe and natural weight loss formula that can help speed up your fat loss and boost your body’s metabolic rate. We are talking about Leptigen, the hottest weight loss supplement on the market right now.

What is Leptigen?

Leptigen is a new advanced weight loss formula that contains safe and natural ingredients that significantly boost your metabolism, cut down extra body fat proportion, and assist the body to better manage blood glucose levels and glucose tolerance. In doing this, the formula provides an effective and long-lasting weight loss solution, unlike other supplements. Leptigen combines several scientifically-backed ingredients to help you lose real weight real fast.

Leptigen Ingredients

There are many weight loss pills, supplements, and formula that combine numerous unknown, unpronounceable, and confusing ingredients. It’s difficult to know whether these ingredients are safe for use or whether they are effective as they claim. Leptigen formula blends a number of natural ingredients that are readable and easy to understand. These ingredients include;

• Meratrim

• ChromeMate

• Green Tea Extract

• Caffeine


These ingredients have been clinically tested and proven to be safe and effective weight loss solutions. According to the formula’s manufacturer, these ingredients are completely natural and therefore have no side-effects.

Let’s have a look at these special ingredients and learn about what makes them effective in assisting the body shed excess fat.

• Meratrim

Meratrim is the main ingredient in the Leptigen formula. It’s basically a proprietary blend of the flower extract Spaeranthus indicus and the fruit extract Garcinia manogstana.

These two extracts are what make Meratrim an effective weight loss ingredient. Meratrim basically increases your leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that helps regulate energy levels in your body by suppressing your appetite. The hormone also boosts your metabolism which encourages fat burning and prevents excess fat storage in the body.

One study involving 100 subjects who took Meratrim for 8 weeks while consuming 2000 calories per day and exercising 30 minutes per day five days a week, found that the subjects had lost weight and significantly reduced their BMI. The results showed that the participants lost an average of 11 pounds while the placebo group lost only 2 pounds.

The formula contains 400mg of Meratrim.

• ChromeMate

ChromeMate is the second ingredients contained in the Leptigen weight loss formula. According to the manufacturer, ChromeMate works by controlling blood glucose levels in the body. It’s a niacin-bound chromium which also goes by other names such as Chromium polynicotinate or chromium nicotinate.

By keeping your blood glucose levels in check, ChromeMate helps prevent sugar cravings and keeps your appetite in check.

The ingredient also helps control blood cholesterol levels.

Chromium has been used as a weight loss supplement for decades. Actually, a 1997 study whose main participants were women found that it helped them shed excess weight fast.

Leptigen contains 100mcg, an amount that is actually larger than the one used in the studies. This means that fast weight loss results may be experienced after taking the Leptigen weight loss formula.

• Caffeine

Caffeine is an excellent weight loss ingredient that is commonly added to many weight loss pills, supplements, and formulas.

Caffeine basically increases adenosine triphosphate which is essential in energy production. As a stimulant, caffeine boosts the level of energy in your body, which as a result boosts your metabolism. An increase in metabolism helps the body burn calories and fat more effectively.

Caffeine also encourages the breakdown of fatty acids which as a result helps the body lose fat.

Leptigen contains 75mg of caffeine.

• Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a well-known ingredient in most weight loss supplements. Actually, drinking green tea on a regular basis is known to cause weight loss.

The green tea extract contains a chemical known as Epigallocatechin gallate which works by boosting your body’s metabolism, increasing its energy expenditure and therefore leading to weight loss.

Leptigen is certainly one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market today. The product promises to help you lose real weight in the long-term, especially when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. The manufacturer recommends taking just two Leptigen pills at least 30 minutes before meals.